Welcome to my first real, actual post on my blog.. All of those things sound super scary! I have started, or restarted this, as a way to share my thoughts and feelings on books that I have read.  I read a lot, both for pleasure as well as for my job ( I work as a school librarian) so it seemed natural to me to want to share what I was reading. I do have a Good-reads account and I do book reviews on there, but I thought maybe this could reach a wider audience. We shall see how it goes!!

Reading Habits and other stuff… GO!  

What do you read? I will pretty much read anything… or at least try anything. I real a lot of young adult as well as middle grade. I also have a love affair with picture books! I do read some adult fiction and non fiction, and honestly my tastes are pretty much all over the board! I have certain genre’s I gravitate towards, fantasy, historical fiction, etc. But if someone recommends something to me, or I hear great things, I will try.

When do I read?  If you asked my boyfriend, he would say all the time!  Yes, that might be true but I do most of my reading during the evening.

Where do I get my books from?  A year or two ago, I would have said I bought almost everything and used the library very little. (Odd coming from a librarian) However, recently (the last 6 months or so) I have changed those habits. I made a resolution this year that I will only buy 5 books from January until June 2017. Which I honestly think is pretty decent!  The problem is – and maybe many people find this – I end up purchasing books and either hate them or never read them and they collect dust on my shelves. I am trying to only purchase things I have read and loved, or heard so many great things about I feel I’m guaranteed to love it!

I hope that gives you a peek into what I read and what kind of books I will be reviewing on this blog!

Currently reading: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi



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